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My passion for media design began in 2013, when I developed a logo for my first business, beYOUtiful Artistry. Since then, I have continued to create logos for small businesses, beauty products, apparel, and more. I have worked collaboratively with many brands to help create their vision, and bring their ideas to life.

I provide consultations to help take your brand to the next level. I enjoy building a brand's story from the ground up- it's all in the details.


If you're looking to create a more professional and polished look for your brand, I'm your girl, but first take a peek at some of my other projects below.


XOXO Bridal & Beauty Services

Some projects are close to my heart and my work reflects that. I have another business called XOXO Bridal & Beauty Services, that I use to showcase my work. XOXO is a freelance bridal and special occasion team that provides fun and stress-free onsite beauty services.

My vision was to create a fun and modern approach to bridal. It was also important to set our bridal experience apart from the competitive market.  I wanted to highlight how everything is tailored to the needs of each individual client and how my team loves creating a unique experience.

IG: @xoxobridalservices

RI Political Scene

When I first ran for office, I already knew my platforms and what I wanted to say. I had already brought attention to many issues, but I needed to figure out how to do so in a high impact way. Using my media design skillset and my passion for advocacy, I was able to create my political voice.


Along the way I've had many peers come along and ask for my assistance on their campaigns, helping to bring candidate messaging, policy and branding to life in a visually compelling way. With a strong understanding of the political landscape, I am able to work with campaigns to create striking designs that help to spread their message.


IG: @bhenriesri

Love what you see so far?

Drop your email below, and I'll reach out to get our collaboration started! Then keep scrolling to get some inspiration from my other projects.

Thanks, we'll chat soon!

Bare Minerals/Shiseido

I began my professional career in retail, and eventually landed in retail management. In addition to my regular duties, I took initiative to support my store's goals by creating additional marketing, and training materials many of which became company standard and used by corporate partners.


I loved using visual communications for employee trainings, introducing new products, communicating events to clients, and supporting corporate marketing efforts.

I additionally managed our social media page during a pilot program for social media usage within the company. 

IG: @barebeauty_wrentham (2018)

Eventing & Other Projects

No matter what you're looking to create, I'm sure I can bring it to life. Flyers, menus, and everything else in between, I can make it happen! My projects are characterized by a unique blend of creativity and professionalism. So let's get creative!


What can we create together?

I would be thrilled to help you tell your story! Let's talk about how we can bring your ideas from a brilliant thought to a media masterpiece.

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